START with this easy fullbody Workout!

a FULLBODY workout that gets your started with the basics of working out!

Wohoo! The first workout is online. Every thursday I will provide you with an amazing workout, new exercises or workout tips & tricks that you can use anywhere!

To start this week off with a blast…
Here you go, a try-out to the first FULLBODY workout of the Proven Body Transformation program.

This workout is designed for Beginners aswell as more advanced athletes! Nope, no equipment needed. Just YOUR bodyweight!

What are you waiting for? Rock it!

Let’s get started!

We’re starting off with some basic information that can be usefull before you start performing the exercises.

Supersets – If there are grey boxes surrounding specific exercises, this means you will be completing a superset. This is when you take no rest between each exercises.

Exercise Names – Most exercises are properly demonstrated within the video that is below this post! there are only 4 phrases you need to understand in full:

  • If the exercise says ‘’Jump Up Into’’ then jump to get through the full exercise.
  • If the exercise says ‘’Negative’’ then go down slow within the full exercise.
  • If the exercise says ‘’On Knees’’ then stay on your knees throughout the full exercise.
  • If the exercise says ‘’Hold’’ then pause at the top of that exercise for designated time.

Too Easy – If each exercise becomes too easy – increase the reps, take your knees off the ground, or don’t jump up into the pull ups/dips.

Rest Between Sets – Rest at most 1 minute and 30 seconds between each set!

Now, let’s dig into the workout!

Let me know YOUR experience in the comment section when you tried it out moj odgovor!

Stay strong and Keep the grind going!


How to get insanely cut abs in 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered how people actually get insanely cut abs?

I have good news and bad news for you—the good news is, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym working on your core to get a 6-pack.

The bad news is, even if you eat right and have low body fat, you can still get stuck with zero abs and no core strength for two reasons: Not Doing the Right Exercises, and Not Doing Exercises Correctly.

We’ll talk about doing exercises correctly in just a second, but first let me set the record straight on doing the right ab exercises.

Most people think all ab workouts are pretty much the same

But tell me this…

If all ab workouts are the same, why do some people get great results while others don’t?

The truth is, most programs and workouts don’t include the right exercises for you to get the REAL results you want.

For example, when the Strong-Core Program was being created, a lot of time and expertise went into figuring out the exact movements and exercises to include.
That’s why it includes 4 weeks of workouts made up of specific exercises, reps, and combinations to help you train the way you need to for maximum results.

Surprisingly enough, though most people assume ab workouts need to take a bunch of time in order to see results (which is not true), each workout in Strong-Core only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.


Now let’s talk about performing the right exercises the right way.

Just like training any other muscles, you have to train your abs correctly to get stronger and more cut

Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately what happens is, most people don’t know how to do these exercises the right way, so they waste a lot of good effort without seeing the results ):

We don’t want that to happen to you!

Make sure before you start using an ab program like Strong-Core, you read over the exercises and look up how to do them the most effective way possible. It makes a BIG difference.

No matter what program you do though, just make sure you understand the proper mechanics of the exercises, and that the exercises are hitting your core from all angles so you get maximum results.

Ready to shred up?