Achieving your goals

Do you remember a time you accomplished a big goal that you were REALLY proud of? I do.
For years, I was the small kid. I would get made fun of for being skinny and was just naturally not as strong as most of the people in the gym.

I turned 16 years old just before summer after my sophomore year in high school, and I had just broken up with my girlfriend so I had more time on my hands than usual.

When being at the gym and trying to help others out, noone took me seriously. Everytime someone dared me to compete against them, I lost.
Sick of being small and weak, I picked up a 90 Days challenge from internet and started doing a chest workout that I found on there. My goal was to do atleast 10 pullups before the end of the challenge. (I could not do ANY).
When the 90 days challenge ended, I was ready to test my strength.

I remember pulling out 10 strict form pullups and a friend said: ‘’Congratz! Now you are finally ready to work for that muscleup!’’
I ended up maxing out at 15 strict form pullups that day when it was all said and done, and it felt SO GOOD to accomplish my goal after all the work I had put in.
What I DIDN’T know at the time, is that it didn’t have to be as hard as it was, and I could have done it faster.

3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals Faster

  1.  Learn from the experts

    There are experts for almost everything you can think of, and they’ve already spent years perfecting their craft or knowledge. Instead of going through years of unnecessary research on your own, find experts and read their books, watch their videos, invest in their programs and save yourself the time and the headache of trying to do it alone.

  2.  Stick to the plan

    Once you know how you’re going to achieve your goal, and the steps you need to take, stick to the plan. It’s easy to fall off track, but every setback you have is one step further away from achieving what you set out to.

  3. Stay motivated and accountable

    Even with the best strategy in place and all the knowledge in the world, if you can’t stay motivated to keep working toward your goal, you’ll fail. Find a community of people who will hold you accountable and support you on your journey.

    Instead of hacking together a workout plan that was okay at best and struggling to keep myself motivated to go workout, I could have found a workout program or an online community that would have guided me and made it so much easier.

    I spent YEARS researching the correct ways to workout, trying to find new exercises to do, and guessing what to eat and when.

    If there was a resource like the Proven Body series back then, I would have accomplished my fitness goals so much faster.

    Proven Body’s courses are online memberships that gives you access to exclusive workout cards, exercises, ab programs, and even FULLY custom meal plans every month.

    What it’s really doing is taking the guesswork out of reaching your fitness goals. It’s flooded with every resource you need to be successful, and there’s new and fresh material every month.

    It’s a brand new year with brand new goals and opportunities.

Let’s achieve them together!